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We love learning! We are lifelong students and teachers. We're constantly filled with a sense of wonder about the things we don't know. We enjoy seeking new knowledge, clarifying our values and beliefs, and discussing a wide variety of topics. We also love movies! Good ones, bad ones, fun ones, sad ones — we love them. Trying to come up with a way to bring these loves together, we created Movie-Ed.

Here's the concept: while watching a movie, lots of random thoughts are triggered; those thoughts lead to questions; those questions inspire us to do research and to talk and to try new things. Our Movie-Ed Guides are booklets of questions — the same questions we ask ourselves. Then, after we've learned a lot, we watch the movie again — this time enjoying it even more.

Each Movie-Ed Guide will take you on an excursion through topics that are both common and unusual. Visit the Culture topic and you may be surprised to follow a trail to classic cars (as in the Movie-Ed Guide to Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!). Visit Language Arts and go on an expedition to find common Spanish terms (as in the Movie-Ed Guide to The Mask of Zorro). As you follow each detour, discoveries are inevitable.

The format of a Movie-Ed Guide is PDF, well-suited to teachers, homeschoolers, and tutors. Each guide is constructed with 7 topics and a couple of ideas about "Extras & Activities." Rather than analyze the movie in any way, the guides lead you to discover whole realms of knowledge that may help you better understand the movie the next time you watch it. At the least, the information you gain from completing a Movie-Ed Guide will broaden your horizons.

Use a Movie-Ed Guide to start a conversation, as a starting point for research about a topic of interest to you, or as a way to channel your curiosity. There are few "right" answers to the questions in the guides; you are free to use your creativity to pursue the ideas according to your taste and inclination. Many of the questions and exercises in the guide can be thought-provoking (especially the items under the Values topic). Our guides may help you discover a world you knew little about or learn new ways of seeing something already familiar.

We do not rent or sell movies. We hope that you already have a relationship with Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, your local library, or have your own collection of movies. In many cases, you can catch the movies we love on television — Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is our top choice, and the more sensitive viewers among us enjoy AMC, TNT, TBS, and USA for edited versions of more recent favorites.

We provide Movie-Ed Guides at no cost. Go to our Guide List to begin the selection process. Choose a movie of interest, and check out the Guide Description. You may download the Guide by following the instructions linked on the bottom of that page.

Our guides are intended to lead you on an adventure in your search for knowledge. Is your curiosity piqued? Take a quick look at our sample questions. Our Customer Service team will be happy to respond to any comments or suggestions within a couple of business days.

About Our Company

Founded in 2005, movie-ed.com was created by women who love learning, teaching, and movies. Our mission is to learn with movies, and have fun with it! Movie-Ed Guides are our first step toward achieving that mission.

Although we are a very small group, we strive to provide a professional website. Our Privacy Policy is simple: we do not share customer information outside of our organization.

Creative input for our Guides comes from a teacher, originally credentialed in 1976. She has many years of experience in business training and alternate educational practices.

We strive to provide quality products, created with respect for all cultures and value sets. Toward that end, we are always looking for ways to improve and better meet your needs. Contact us to send us your feedback — complimentary or constructive — or suggest your favorite movie title as a possible addition to our inventory. We love to hear from you!