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What is a Movie-Ed Guide?

A Movie-Ed Guide contains questions and activities inspired by a movie. Each Guide is divided into topic areas and can be used as a lesson plan or tour book. Follow a Guide to broaden and enhance general knowledge and understanding. Our Samples page contains examples that will help you understand more about what is provided within each Guide.

Is there an answer guide for each Movie-Ed Guide?

There are few absolute right answers in the Movie-Ed Guides. (Notable exceptions are in the Science & Math topic.) The goal is not to find a specific answer so much as to find any answer that can be supported with evidence from the Internet, encyclopedia, dictionary, or your own thought process. If you'd like additional guidance or direction (or the exact right answer if there is one), please contact us. Be sure to include the specific Movie-Ed Guide title and topic question; we'll get an answer back to you within a few days.

How can I use a Movie-Ed Guide to help me teach or homeschool my student?

Since the focus of a Movie-Ed Guide is on learning, the Lesson Plan section helps educators or homeschoolers structure the experience.

What if I am teaching children of different ages?

Movie-Ed Guides have been designed for learners of diverse ages and varied interests. Many questions and activities are appropriate for younger school-age children; all are appropriate for older children and adults. Answering some questions will improve reading and writing skills. All questions are intended to stretch research skills and pique interest in a variety of areas indirectly linked to the movie you've selected. Of course, each Guide will also encourage fun while learning. You can omit questions from your Guide as desired, choosing those most in keeping with each participant's interests and abilities.

Is it important to present the lessons in any order?

No. The topics have been created to stand alone. If, as an example, you would like to work on geography, you can go right to that topic and re-order the other topics for future use.

How long should it take to complete a Guide?

Each Movie-Ed Guide is intended to spark interest and thoughtfulness. There is no set time limit. Some tasks may take minutes while others require much longer and even others require follow-ups that will be needed days or weeks later. We recommend that you set a time limit based on your (or your child's) attention span. Then, come back to the Movie-Ed Guide as time permits.

Can I get a Guide for a movie that is not listed?

Absolutely. Please send your suggestions to us via our Contact Us page. If we're not already working on a Movie-Ed Guide for that movie, we'll prioritize it based on the number of requests received.

What do you mean by an "edited" movie?

Although Movie-Ed recommends that you view the widescreen theatrical release version of each movie, we realize that some movies may be inappropriate for some audiences. In these cases, an "edited" version may be an option. An "edited" version will have content removed or changed in the interest of time or for general audiences. Sometimes that means strong language has been bleeped out. Sometimes the movie has actually been cut to reduce references to sexual content or violence. Editing is done on nearly all network and standard cable television movies. ClearPlay and Family Safe Media, market DVD players that allow you to make your own editing choices as an option for editing objectionable content.

How much does a Movie-Ed Guide cost?

Our Guides may be downloaded in PDF format, free of charge!

Where can I download a Movie-Ed Guide?

At the bottom of each Guide description page, a link will take you to a Download form. Just enter your name and email address, along with any comments about how you intend to use your Guide. The "Download Now" button will open a dialog box for you to save the PDF formatted file or open it in your browser. All Movie-Ed Guides are provided FREE.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All customer information is kept confidential. We do not share any customer information outside of our organization.