How Guides Work


  1. Select a movie of interest from our Guide List
  2. Download your Guide (PDF format)
  3. Watch the movie
  4. Use your Guide by selecting a topic of interest (or start at the beginning and work through all of the topics)
  5. Expand each topic with "Think, Talk, Try"
  6. Enjoy "Extras & Activities"
  7. Watch the movie again — you may be surprised that you enjoy it even more

Start now by choosing a Movie-Ed Guide from our Guide List, or read on to learn more.

Selecting a Guide

Find a movie of interest in our Guide List and follow the link to the Guide page. There you'll find a brief description about the movie above a few of the topics found in the Guide. A substantial portion of the Guide questions can be answered using web-based references. (We provide a few web site references to get you started. Some of the references listed are commercial and a reference link does not imply endorsement.) If you're interested, a link is provided to enable a download. Guides are only available in PDF format.

The Basics

Movie-Ed Guides stimulate your curiosity while enhancing your enjoyment of a movie. They contain questions, exercises, and references — not about the movie, how it was made, the music, etc., but about something you see or hear in the movie. (We do not provide the movies themselves. You can enjoy a Movie-Ed Guide without seeing the movie, but that's not quite as much fun!) The questions are often offbeat and not necessarily something you'd readily associate with the movie. After exploring answers, you'll find you have a broader understanding for your next viewing of the movie, an understanding you can apply to other aspects of your life as well.

Each Guide is divided into topics (see list of topics below). You can choose a single topic to focus on, or go through all the topics in the guide in any order you desire. Each topic stands on its own.

Most of the questions in a Guide have no "right" answer. Discovering the answers increases your research skills, critical thinking capabilities, and helps you define or reinforce your values. When using the Guide in a school situation or with friends for fun, you can crystallize your thinking through discussion, reading, and writing exercises.

Getting Started

You'll get the most out of a Guide if you view the movie just before using it. You can reinforce your new knowledge by viewing the movie again after using the Guide.

To give you a better understanding of what you'll get when you buy a Movie-Ed Guide, view one or more sample questions and exercises by choosing one of the topic areas below or going to the Samples page.

After you've used your Guide, please contact us with your comments.

Now that you're familiar with the concept, proceed to the Guide List to choose a specific Movie-Ed Guide.