Lesson Plan

Movie-Ed Guides provide numerous learning opportunities for students. The following guidelines and lesson plan will help you with curriculum development when teaching with a Movie-Ed Guide. If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

Overall Guidelines for Teachers

  1. Keep it fun!
  2. Align student responses to an appropriate level, considering age and experience.
  3. Build writing, speaking, and presentation skills whenever possible.
  4. Be aware of the movie's content.
    • Movie rating — We make every effort to avoid inappropriate language in Movie-Ed Guides. However, we cannot say the same for the movies. As a teacher or parent, you are the best person to evaluate a movie's suitability for your student(s).
    • Subject matter — Each child develops at a different pace. Even if the movie is otherwise suitable for your student, it may be beyond his or her current level of understanding.
    • Adult learners — Students participating in adult education opportunities may benefit from using Movie-Ed Guides, individually or in groups. For this reason, a very broad range of movies have been included.
  5. Use the Internet wisely; include books and magazines whenever you can. Guide description pages include book references as well as links to Internet resources.

Recommended 10-day Lesson Plan

Set aside 2-hour lesson blocks, depending on your student's attention span. Look ahead at the Extras & Activities topic — do advance planning as needed.

Day 1: Watch the movie.

Day 2: Work the Language Arts topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 3: Work the Geography topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 4: Work the History topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 5: Work the Science & Math topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 6: Work the Art & Music topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 7: Work the Culture topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 8: Work the Values topic in your Movie-Ed Guide.

Day 9: Reward your student's hard work with Extras & Activities.

Day 10: Watch the movie.

(Please forward any relevant feedback to movie-ed.com by using the contact us link.)